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Together we can prevent cancer!
Together we can control cancer!
Together we can eradicate cancer!


Did you know that somewhere in the world, one woman dies of cervical cancer every two minutes?

More than 85% of those affected live in poor countries mostly in Africa, where the death rate is also 3 times higher than in the developed countries. (World Health Organization)
Breast cancer still deals a more devastating blow to our women in their prime.

In Nigeria, breast and cervical cancers are responsible for 16.4% and 14.8% of cancer-related deaths as of 2018! (World Health Organization)

The good news is, we can prevent, eradicate, and control ALL of them.

Together we can make it happen!

Why You Need To
Visit Our Center?

In a single visit, you have the opportunity to benefit from the following services;

1. Comprehensive cancer prevention education
2. Training on breast self-examination
3. Breast screening
4. Cervical screening
5. Cryotherapy
6. Counseling services
7. Coordinated referral and supportive services.
8. Free screening card where dates for subsequent screenings will be recorded, including follow-up services.
9. Take-home information and education materials for reference on cancer education and regular breast self-examination.
10. General medical advice on other health issues, and many more.

Want to benefit from these life-saving services immediately?

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