Hurray! The Last Mile Vaccine Project is live!

Our installment-based human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination strategy is now set to open in full. Following the organization’s emergency as the winner of the 2023 Leading Change Africa Accelerator program, we will be receiving start-up funding to cover the take-off capital for the project. The project is expected to benefit at least 300 girls, boys, and young women per year, increasing annually based on the scalable model adopted in the strategy.

The HPV vaccine protects against at least five types of cancer: cervical cancer, throat cancer, anal cancer, vaginal cancer, and testicular cancer.

This solar-powered vaccine storage system will help community beneficiaries by providing cheap, easy, and sustainable access to the life-saving vaccine.

You can start registering for the vaccine right away by reaching us via email at or via mobile phone at 09031769450.