Caring For The Carer’s Program


The World Health Organization declared its goal of eradicating cervical cancer throughout the world by year 2030. These efforts are hinged on providing cancer education, offering cervical cancer screening to more than 70% of women population, and offering early treatment and vaccination to more than 90% of women and girls.

Breast and cervical cancers are the biggest killers of Nigerian women, accounting for 16.4% and 14.8% of cancer related deaths in 2018 alone. The good news is that with the right education and regular screening, they can be prevented and eliminated even before they develop.

This specialized program was designed to extend our cancer prevention services to our esteemed Nurses, Midwives, and Health Attendants who are often too busy taking care of others at the expense of their own health. This consideration was borne out of our personal experiences of Nurses and other health workers presenting late for treatment of various diseases because they are quite often excluded from the very life-saving services they offer to the rest of the people.

What we offer

At our center, we aim to achieve cancer-free women by offering;

  • Cancer education
  • Training on breast self-examination
  • Breast screening
  • Low-cost cervical cancer screening, and
  • On-the-spot treatment with cryotherapy (only if needed).
  • Coordinated referral system (only if needed)
  • And free cancer screening card where dates for subsequent screenings would be written.

Our efforts compliment governments’ aspirations to bring these cancers under control in Nigeria to reduce their morbidities and mortalities among women.

Delivery model

While we respect the choice of our health workers coming to our center as a group or individually, we are also open to offer these services within health establishments such as hospitals, clinics, or health centers where basic need like couch is at least available. The convenience of our health workers is paramount in our heart.

To Do Now!

Kindly express your interest to benefit from this program by making a booking for you and your members of staff here on our website or you may invite us for further discussion by sending an email to   

We aim to screen as many women as possible because the more the women we screen, the more the women we save, and the happier our women and their families become.

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