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The Blue-Pink Center for Women’s Health is a novel social enterprise providing low-cost cancer education, screening, and cryotherapy services for Nigerian women in a sustainable manner. Our focus is on breast and cervical cancer, but we also educate women on other gynaecological cancers including endometrial and ovarian cancers.

We provide all-time services in order to increase access to high-quality, affordable and sustainable cancer screening and initial treatment services in order to reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer-related problems among Nigerian women.


To become the biggest conglomerate leading cancer prevention and control among African women through sustainable access to quality and affordable cancer screening and supportive services.


To deliver effective cancer control services in a prompt and efficient manner, driven by innovation, collaboration, community engagement, and empathy.

Our Values


Our efforts towards cancer prevention and control among women revolves around empathy. We recognize the enormity of the cancer menace among women and continuously innovate to provide easily accessible, affordable, and high-quality prevention and control services to alleviate the problem. We do not offer services for profit, we care only about the number of women we are able to reach and save. The more women we serve, the more women we save, the happier our women and girls become.


We value the trust that our esteemed women have put in us and we strive daily to remain true to our promises of service and support for their optimum health and wellness. We seek maximum community participation and love to involve them at every stage of our development.


We are the best cancer prevention and control partner for women because we offer them quality services that guarantees their freedom from cancer. Our results are true, our services are dependable, and our volunteers and staffs are courteous and respectful. We provide memorable experience that makes cancer screening fun and enjoyable.

Meet The Team

Idris Ola


Idris Ola is an award-winning medical doctor, women’s health advocate and passionate cancer control activist with over 7 years of experience in clinical practice and over 5 years of leadership in community development work.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine from the prestigious Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Nigeria and a Primary Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the West African College of Surgeons.

He co-founded the Women’s Cancer Prevention and Support for African Society, a non-profit platform where he offers cancer prevention, control, and support for African women and girls.

Omolara Akinloye

(Staff Nurse)

Omolara Akinloye is a Registered Nurse with over 3 years of work experience in clinical and community nursing practice. She is passionate about women health and excited about the opportunity to offer cancer prevention and control services to them.

Outside work, she enjoys having a family time out and reading. Her watchword is to live a life full of humility, gratitude, intellectual curiosity and never stop learning. She is currently pursuing Bachelors studies in nursing science.

Ruth Isaac

(Staff Nurse)

Ruth Isaac is a Registered Community Health Practitioner. She is a skilled and passionate health care provider who discharges her duties for community health development. She believes in hard work, smart work and innovation.

She has volunteered with various organizations including Aregbesola Primary Health Center in Lagos, where she offered cervical cancer screening to women.

Esther Olajide

(Administrative Assistant)

Esther Olajide graduated from Ewoma college and she’s a food enthusiast who aspires to further her studies in food science and technology. She loves reading and singing and hopes to have her own brand soon. Above all, she feels so proud to contribute to something that will improve the health of women and girls, and consider herself very privileged to do this work for them.

Aishat Shoyinka

(Administrative and Personnel Manager)

Aishat Shoyinka holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She has experience in science education and is passionate about women and girls health and empowerment. She has volunteered in various capacities with Club25, WOCAPSS-Africa, among others.