Corporate Women’s Health Project


The World Health Organization declared its goal of eradicating cervical cancer throughout the world by year 2030. These efforts are hinged on providing cancer education, offering cervical cancer screening to more than 70% of women population, and offering early treatment and vaccination to more than 90% of women and girls.

Breast and cervical cancers are the biggest killers of Nigerian women, accounting for 16.4% and 14.8% of cancer related deaths in 2018 alone. The good news is that with the right education and regular screening, they can be prevented and eliminated even before they develop.

Rationale for this Program

First, over the past 7 years, our experience in cancer prevention and control has given us good understanding of the paucity of these services for women. Even when such services are provided, only few women in corporate services are reached.

Secondly, from our clinical experience, we realize that more women in corporate and professional services present in hospitals with preventable and curable cancers usually at late stages when treatment is difficult, expensive, and the hope of complete cure is not guaranteed. This is due in part to the poor attitude to preventive and screening services generally among women, and the considerable time women in the corporate sector spend delivering values and services to other people at the expense of their own optimum health.

Finally, we love to see our women live happy, healthy, and prolonged lives free from these preventable diseases.

The best option available to us is to ensure access to proven strategies that have helped women in other parts of the world. Our primary aim is to ensure that cancer education and life-saving screening services are made accessible to all women, including those in demanding sectors like yours.

It should be emphasized that the aim of cancer education and screening is not to find disease, but to help prevent it and ensure simple cure when it is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to do so in a very cheap, painless, and easy manner. Therefore, no woman should entertain fear of any kind.

What we offer

At our center, we offer the following services;

  • Cancer education
  • Training on breast self-examination
  • Breast screening
  • Low-cost cervical cancer screening, and
  • On-the-spot treatment with cryotherapy (only if needed).
  • Coordinated referral system (only if needed)
  • And free cancer screening card where dates for subsequent screenings would be written.
  • Supportive services for women including reminders when next screening is due, and also follow-up services for those that need further attention.

Our Strategy

In this project, our aim is to partner with the leadership of corporate organizations and leverage on their goodwill to help women overcome their fears, reluctance, and indifferent attitude in order to benefit from this educative and screening processes.

We believe that it is only this kind of organized leadership that can help us achieve the global target of reaching at least 70% of the women. Thus, our target is to screen at least 70% of the women in every organization.

Delivery Model

We have our center located at an easily accessible location near Abule-Egba, Lagos. Due to the peculiarity of  corporate job, we have designed a convenient model where female staffs can book a convenient time ahead and our staff would be waiting to receive them at the appointed time. We suggest Saturdays, however, they can choose any time during the week as well. We are also open to other suggestions that might make it more convenient for the women.

We aim to screen as many women as possible because the more the women we screen, the more the women we save, and the happier our women and their families become.

The Blue-Pink Center for Women’s Health…women’s best health partner!