Stepping Out With All Smiles

by | Jan 26, 2021

The joy was real and palpable as Mrs Adeyinka stepped out of our center after having received what she gladly described as a flawless cancer education and screening services. She expressed her fulfillment in the quality of the services and said “I enjoyed the service and I have no complain”

This and many more reassuring comments from our esteemed clients attests to the level of details we have put into each components of our service delivery, the professionalism of our staff, and the convenience of the service environment.

While we maintain the privacy and dignity of our clients, the quality of our results also guarantees the safety from cancer that we hope to achieve by offering the services to women.

For every client that walks out happier than when they arrived, it gives us joy that we are fulfilling our social roles, and helping more women stay free of cancer.

Our aim is to serve as many women as possible in order to contribute significantly to the fulfillment of the World Health Organization’s goal of eradicating cervical cancer by year 2030. The more women we reach, the closer we get to achieving cancer-free African women.

Our clarion call to all women between 18-65 years of age is that they should not wait for any symptoms to occur. They should come out and learn more about cancer and how they can prevent it, get regular screening services, and maintain healthy living and dietary habits.

Our center is dedicated to serve you and you are always welcome to take advantage of the high-quality but affordable services that we offer.

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