The stage is set. The Optimal Health for Women Project goes live in October 2022.

After two months of intense community engagement and mobilization of women from all social strata in communities in Ojokoro, Agbado Oke-Odo, Orile-Agege, and Alimosho local councils in Lagos, Nigeria, the Optimal Health for Women Project is set to begin field and facility-based services in the month of October.

The services on offer will include cancer prevention education, breast and cervical cancer screening, general medical counseling and referral services, as well as cryotherapy in our community center for those with a positive cervical cancer screening result.

The team, ably led by Dr. Idris Ola, is supported by nurses, community outreach officers, administrative officers, and lots of volunteers, all working under the coordination of Ajala Olanrewaju, a public health professional.

A detailed account of field activities will be reported as they come in.