Alimosho Was Live with The Blue-Pink Team!

The Redeemed Church, Divine Parish, Kokumo community was the receiving place of our services on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August 2021. The outreach was originally scheduled to hold as part of the women’s conference on Saturday 28th, however, after a very impressive service delivery on Saturday, the women insisted that we break our rules to offer them our services again during the Sunday service for the benefit of women who could not make the Saturday event.

Church congregants listening with rapt attention to cancer prevention and general health education.

Cancer prevention education was jointly delivered by our doctor and Nurse while screening services were offered to all women.

Another session was held on Sunday for young girls and teenagers in the Church where they were given basic information about breast cancer and why they should know about breast self-examination ahead of time. These young girls were also educated about why they should receive the HPV vaccine before they passed the recommended age.

Educating young and teenage girls about breast cancer and HPV Vaccination

Several women including older ones needing follow-up services were encouraged to visit our center as soon as possible.

Some women who had been looking for this kind of specialized service for over 2 years were also picked at the outreach and enrolled in appropriate care services.

Registering women for cancer screening